Courtney + Brandon {Cowpens, SC}

Brandon was born on May 30. Courtney was born on May 31, 1700 miles away from Brandon. Brandon went to church camp every year since he was a little baby. Courtney’s best friend convinced her to go to the same church camp her senior year in high school, which was also the last year she would be able to go. This chance of fate brought these two together to find each other that summer. Even after camp was over, through the power of Facebook, they were able to connect over long distance and continued to develop their relationship. Brandon now lives in North Carolina, about an hour and half away from Courtney, but they took every chance they could get to see each other. They made promises to always look after one another, and even though they had only been dating a short time, Courtney knew Brandon was “the One”. Just before their six month anniversary, he took her back to where they had their first date, got on one knee, and proposed. I hope you both continue to make the other smile and keep your strong faith in the Lord.

Ceremony/Reception: Mountain View Baptist Church

Florist: Mill Street Florist

Cake: Strossners

Planner: Missy Willis

Caterer: Tim Holmes Catering

Rentals: Event Rentals 

Since this was such a large church, I’m sure that many of the guests weren’t able to see Brandon’s face as Courtney walked down the aisle. It was pure overwhelming joy.

This was such a touching moment and one that I’m sure Courtney and Brandon will never forget. The pastor asked for both of their families to create a circle of prayer around the couple at the altar to lift up their blessings as one.

The mini bride and groom were so stinkin’ cute. I had never heard of this tradition, so I relied on trusty Google to get informed. Supposedly, in the early 19th century, weddings had a miniature bride and groom to confuse any evil spirits looking to curse the newlyweds. If there was more than one couple at the event in wedding attire, the spirits wouldn’t know who to haunt. I’m not sure if Courtney and Brandon were going off of this folklore, but at least they won’t have any curses on their marriage now thanks to the mini bride and groom!

Brandon surprised his mother by walking back to escort her down the aisle. She wasn’t expecting this and became overcome with emotion too. Such a sweet memory.

Many thanks to Missy for creating such a beautiful backdrop at the altar! No kidding, she cut those trees down herself and spray painted them silver. That’s a planner that goes the extra mile for her brides! Love her!

Their reception was all sparkles and class; Courtney’s vision turned out amazing!

Love the Clemson colors in the ring shot!! Just for you Courtney!:)

Courtney and Brandon, it was a joy to be a part of your day! Best wishes to you both!! xoxo


Kathy Stuart Beautiful church, lovely decorations, great weather…who could ask for more!! Such a sweet looking couple! Loved the Clemson colors and all the bling!!November 2, 2011 – 5:03 PM